The 128th Canton Fair Held Opening Press Conference

The Press Conference for the opening of the 128th session of China Import and Export Fair  was held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of Oct 14. Mr.  Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre,  introduced the characteristics, highlights and preparation of this session to press from home and abroad.


Mr. Xu Bing said that as the COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading around the globe, China faces great pressure in preventing and controlling the imported cases. Approved by the State Council, the 128th Canton Fair will be held online from October 15 to 24.

Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we carry out the policies and deployments made at the State Council. Under the strong leadership of the Ministry of Commerce of PRC, we take pandemic prevention and control from home and abroad and economic situation into comprehensive consideration, and bring the Canton Fair into play as a comprehensive platform for opening up, help enterprises explore the international market, facilitate the smooth foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain and strengthen the confidence of various parties. We will spare no effort in stabilizing foreign trade.

 Xu introduced that the digital platform has been optimized to improve the quality of the Fair. With 16 categories of products displayed in 50 exhibition sections, about 60,000 booths and nearly 26,000 domestic and overseas exhibitors, the scale of this session is basically the same as that of the 127th Canton Fair. All the products will be displayed online from October 15 to 24. To better achieve the goal of “register, find products, conduct successful negotiation”, we have upgraded the online platform in many aspects to provide more comprehensive services for buyers and make it more convenient to use. The following columns will be set up on the platform, including Exhibitors and Products, Global Business Matchmaking, VR Exhibition Hall, Exhibitors On Live, News and Events, Services and Support, Cross-border E-commerce Zone. We will integrate functions of online exhibiting, marketing and promotion, business matchmaking and online negotiation. Exhibiting enterprises can show their strength and the latest products via pictures, videos and in 3D and VR format, and enrich the way of advertising and displaying through live streaming. The atmosphere of the physical Canton Fair will be created by building the virtual exhibition halls. Buyers can visit the booths, view products and achieve negotiation online; find trade partners and products they want, place orders and cut deals at home through instant messaging, making negotiation appointments and conducting trade matchmaking. Moreover, we will continue to set up the cross-border e-commerce pilot zones to promote brand e-commerce companies and the cross-border e-commerce platforms. On third party e-commerce platforms, we will host “Same Tune, Shared View” activity based on our cooperation with B2B platforms. By sharing links with each other, we encourage them to organize various enterprises to participate in activities and extend the benefits to more enterprises.

 As of October 13, exhibitors have uploaded over 2.35 million products online, 691,500 of them are new products. The official website of the 128th Canton Fair will go online on October 15.

 To implement policies of cutting taxes and fees to help enterprises address difficulties introduced by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the 128th Canton Fair will not levy fees on enterprises and cross-border e-commerce platforms participating in the Fair, to help enterprises expand the international market and boost public confidence.

 Xu said that at the 128th Canton Fair, we’ve taken an innovative approach to invite buyers virtually and expand our “circle of friends”. All-round, multi-layered marketing activities have been launched worldwide with a principle of “innovative, specialized, targeted and delicate”. On the basis of Canton Fair Global Partnership Program and Buyer Incentive Program, multiple tools and channels are employed to invite high-quality buyers to register and attend the Fair. Firstly, extend virtual invitations through various means. We have stepped up big-data-driven, targeted marketing on new media, covering 8 famous international social media platforms and 5 search engines. Emails of targeted invitations are sent to buyers who have attended the Fair online or offline before. Plus, promotion and invitation efforts are ramped up with the help of China’s economic and commercial offices of embassies and consulates abroad, foreign consulate generals in Guangzhou, and trading delegations. Secondly, carry out Promotion on Cloud activities in major markets. 35 Promotion on Cloud activities have been held in major trading markets including the U.S and the European Union, as well as countries alongside the Belt and Road. Thirdly, conduct virtual matchmaking activities in countries such as France, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, and Tanzania. The new method provides an online communication platform for Canton Fair brand exhibitors and overseas professional buyer delegation, giving enterprises a leg-up in going global. Fourthly, hold virtual signing ceremonies to establish partnership with more business organizations. Canton Fair Global Partnership Program has been advanced to expand cooperation network with global business organizations. During the 128th Canton Fair, signing ceremonies with 5 business organizations, including the Minsk Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tajikistan Republic, will be held online, an attempt to further expand global marketing network.

 Xu said that we will further improve virtual services for exhibitors and buyers. The official website has opened a portal for IPR protection and trade dispute settlement. An online-offline merged model to handle complaints will be applied to ensure IPR protection. More services will be available at the website such as product design and trade supporting facilities, financial services, and customs, logistics, inspection, certification. Based on different needs of exhibitors and buyers, we’ve also provided large-scale and multi-layered training. Intelligent customer service will also be available to create a more convenient inquiry experience for every attendee. Precaution measures have also been taken to ensure the secure operation of the website.

 Xu introduced that the 128th Canton Fair has prepared many “virtual events” meticulously. Firstly, hold the Virtual Opening Ceremony on Oct 15. Secondly, launch CF Awards review and set up an example for design and innovation to lead quality development of foreign trade. This year, 1966 products from 932 exhibitors have applied for the Awards, up by 27% and 35% respectively over last year. Both numbers have hit a record high. Thirdly, organize online and offline activities with the focus on dual circulation and domestic trade, to support foreign trade companies to better adapt to domestic market, and contribute to the dual circulation where domestic market serves as the mainstay and domestic and foreign markets reinforce each other. Fourthly, stage series of product release. Outstanding exhibitors from various industries will showcase their latest quality products through live streaming and demonstrate companies’ strength in innovation.

 Xu also answered questions on Canton Fair serving stable and quality development of foreign trade, optimization of the website, improving the sense of gain for companies, global promotion, building a new development pattern, contributing to poverty alleviation, etc.

 37 domestic and international news agencies attended the press conference and covered the event, including Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, China National Radio, China Radio International, China News Service, Global Times, International Business Daily, Chinadaily, Nanfang Daily, GDTV, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou Daily, China Business News, Dragon TV, Wenweipo, Takungpo, Hong Kong Commercial Newspapers, Macao Daily News, Macao Commercial Post, Nihon Keizei Shimbun, Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

(Canton Fair Press Center)

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